Flexprofen™ | Vetoquinol USA


Get ready for painless pain relief

As the newest addition to the Vetoquinol osteoarthritis treatment family, Flexprofen™ can help with older dogs, dogs with OA, and dogs recovering from surgery.


Pain Relief

Flexprofen™ contains carprofen, the most widely used and clinically-proven NSAID in veterinary medicine. It helps to reduce inflammation from osteoarthritis, post-operative pain, and other sources of pain.

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A True Chew

Flexprofen™ is a chewable with no crumbling, which makes it easy to administer to all dogs.


Dogs Love It

Thanks to a delicious beef flavor, dogs will love Flexprofen™. That means you won’t have to stress about making sure your patients takes their meds!


Dogs with osteoarthritis and dogs recovering from surgery have one thing in common: pain caused by inflammation. Pain and inflammation can stop them from being the healthy, happy dog they truly are. With Flexprofen™, you can help your patients become more active and mobile faster. And because Flexprofen™ comes in delicious chewable tablets that won't crumble, you can rest easy knowing your patients will love getting better.

  • True chewable, scored for easy dosing
  • Beef flavored tablet
  • Indicated for relief of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and postoperative pain in dogs

The recommended dosage for oral administration to dogs is 2mg/lb (4.4mg/kg) of body weight daily. The total daily dose may be administered as 2mg/lb of body weight daily or divided and administered as 1mg/lg (2.2mg/kg) twice daily. For the control of post operative pain, administer approximately 2 hours before the procedure.

  • 25mg - 180ct
  • 75mg - 180ct
  • 100mg - 180ct
Important Safety Information

As a class, NSAIDS may be associated with gastrointestinal, kidney and liver side effects. These are usually mild, but may be serious. Pet owners should discontinue therapy and contact their veterinarian immediately if side effects occur. Evaluation for pre-existing conditions and regular monitoring are recommended for pets on any medication, including Flexprofen™. Use with other NSAIDS or corticosteroids should be avoided. See full prescribing information here.